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Procure Partnerships Framework Provides Mental Health Wellbeing Training Sessions for Contractor Partners

This Mental Health Awareness Week we would like to make you aware that Procure Partnerships Framework will be making available Mental Health Wellbeing training sessions for our Contractor Partners to access. The sessions will take place in June and will be delivered in association with Mates in Mind, the national workplace mental health charity.

There is a great need for the construction industry to have better awareness of mental health and expel stigma. Our industry is thoroughly effective at mitigating against serious physical injury on site, for example across Procure Partnerships Framework procured schemes there have been no recorded serious injuries in 2020 thus far, according to our contractor submitted framework KPIs. One harrowing statistic is that more construction workers die of suicide than from falls; depression, anxiety, and suicide are more dangerous to construction workers than the physical risks that can occur on site.

The latest Office for National Statistics data on the subject shows that skilled construction workers are the demographic most at risk from suicide. With the construction sector accounting for 13% of in-work suicides in the UK.

This article is not intended to give a negative view of a fantastic industry that is the backbone of the UK. Its purpose is to continue a discussion and work towards implementing strategies for better team welfare.

The coronavirus pandemic has brought the need to support one another to the front of the nation’s mind. In providing the NHS with field hospitals at remarkable speed the industry has shown its ability to rise to a challenge and collaborate to achieve something necessary. Safeguarding our construction workers mental health is necessary right now, on the back of a period of uncertainty it is crucial that we take a look at our mental health strategies.

That is why Procure Partnerships Framework is hosting Mental Wellbeing Workshops. The sessions will be delivered online and are aimed at upskilling managers to recognise mental health issues and safeguard the welfare of our teams. The sessions will be delivered in association with Mates in Mind, the national Workplace Mental Health Charity.

Mates in Mind aims to:

– Raise awareness and understanding of mental health and mental ill-health.
– Help people to understand how, when and where to get support.
– Break the silence and stigma through promoting cultures of positive wellbeing throughout the industry.

Conor Neild-Crabb, Marketing Manager at Procure Partnerships Framework said: “During this Mental Health Awareness Week we believe that we need make support available to our framework partners. Support and open communication are a core elements of our values, the past couple of months have been difficult for all, the sessions we will host in June are designed to serve as a learning experience that will identify the pressures facing teams at present and set out how they can affect their mental health as we return to more regular routines”

What the sessions will involve:

– Identifying the pressures facing teams during the current climate and identify how they can affect their mental health
– Recognise how managers can spot the signs and issues and know what to say and do
– Identify how to help someone in crisis
– Provide details of organisations and support services that can provide help, information and advice
– Provide some guidance on what managers / supervisors can do to look after their own mental health

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