Construction Framework

Our construction framework at Procure Partnerships Framework can be a key solution for public sector organisations seeking a simplified and compliant route to procure construction services.

The need for efficient and streamlined procurement processes is key in the public sector. The construction industry plays a crucial role in shaping the infrastructure that supports communities and public services.

The purpose of a construction framework is to streamline the procurement process for construction-related projects.

Procure Partnerships Framework stands at the forefront, recognising the complexity of construction procurement and offering a dedicated and comprehensive construction framework tailored to the unique needs of the public sector, whether that be national or local authorities.

Understanding the Construction Framework

This framework encompasses a wide range of construction-related projects. By establishing a pre-approved list of suppliers and contractors, the construction framework aims to expedite the procurement process, reduce administrative burdens, and ensure transparency and fairness in supplier selection.

Procure Partnerships Framework is dedicated to assisting public sector organisations in discovering top-tier contractors and professional services consultants within their specific regions.

Our team of regional procurement specialists manages five Public Contracts Regulations 2015-compliant (PCR15) frameworks, providing support throughout the entire tender process until we help you deliver projects to completion.

Our Five Specialist Frameworks

The Construction Lot within the PCR15-compliant Procure Partnerships Framework is equipped to facilitate both new build and refurbishment projects. It offers flexibility through various procurement routes, including two-stage, single-stage, two-stage express, or direct award options. For added adaptability, users can choose from eight different forms of delivery contracts, allowing the option to modify clauses as needed. Our dedicated team is available to provide comprehensive support, including assistance with market engagement sessions to establish a strong tender list, pre-construction advice, and ongoing monitoring of project delivery post-contractor procurement. This ensures that projects not only begin on a solid foundation but are also closely monitored throughout their lifecycle for successful outcomes.
The professional Services Approved Supplier Agreement allows for the tendering of either a multidisciplinary team or the appointment of a sole supplier. Utilising competitive rates, the agreement supports various procurement methods, including direct award, further competition, or express call-off, to acquire a professional services partner.

The PCR15-compliant Procure Partnerships Framework extends support to various projects, including highways, roads, bridges, carparks, public realm, and rail initiatives. Contractors specialising in infrastructure projects can be engaged through direct appointments or by participating in two-stage, single-stage, or two-stage express competitions. With a selection of 8 different contract forms, each allowing for the customisation of clauses, you have the flexibility to steer the direction of the procurement process.

As the emphasis on carbon reduction and environmental objectives continues to grow, the Decarbonisation and Retrofit Lot within the PCR15-compliant Procure Partnerships Framework ensures the achievement of these goals. Within the decarbonisation and retrofit framework, you have the flexibility to choose from 8 different contract forms, with the option to modify clauses. Whether opting for a direct appointment, a single-stage, two-stage, or a two-stage express call-off, you retain complete control over the tender process.
Demolition is often the first step in on-site project delivery. By using the Procure Partnerships Framework PCR15 compliant Demolition Lot, a demolition specialist can share their expertise directly with you to ensure a smooth start. Our demolition partners are experts not only in demolition but also in site preparation to guarantee a strong foundation for your project. Standalone demolition contracts can also be supported, even with no following project. Procure your demolition partner through a direct appointment, two-stage, single-stage, or two-stage express route, with eight different forms of delivery contracts (with amenable clauses) available to choose from.

Key Features of the Construction Framework

What sets Procure Partnerships apart is its distinctive regional structure, a departure from the broader coverage of national construction frameworks.

Rather than encompassing extensive geographic areas, our regional lots are designed to focus on specific regions. This approach ensures that regional suppliers, well-acquainted with the local demographics and employing local talent, have the opportunity to undertake public sector projects within their respective areas.

Within the framework, our contractor partners specialise in various fields, including construction, professional services, demolition, infrastructure, and decarbonisation and retrofitting.

This specialisation ensures that public sector projects benefit from the expertise of professionals who are well-versed in their specific domains.

Benefits of Engaging with the Construction Framework

Discover the advantages and value that come with engaging in our construction framework agreements, where efficiency, expertise, and streamlined processes converge to elevate your construction projects:

  1. Time Savings

    Public sector projects often operate on tight schedules. The construction framework accelerates the procurement process, enabling quicker project initiation and delivery. Time savings translate into cost savings and contribute to the overall success of the project.

  2. Access to Expertise

    The diverse supplier pool within the construction framework means that public sector entities can tap into a wealth of industry expertise. Whether it's a complex infrastructure project or routine maintenance, the framework ensures access to qualified professionals with a proven track record.

  3. Risk Mitigation

    By adhering to pre-approved suppliers and established procurement protocols, the construction framework minimises the risk of delays, disputes, and budget overruns. Public sector organisations can proceed with confidence, knowing that their projects are in the hands of reliable and vetted contractors.

  4. Flexibility and Adaptability

    Recognising the dynamic nature of construction projects, the construction framework provides flexibility and adaptability. Whether there are changes in project scope or unforeseen challenges, the framework allows for adjustments while maintaining compliance and efficiency.

Build a Better Future with Procure Partnerships Framework

The construction framework agreement that we offer represents a commitment to excellence in public-sector construction procurement including many local authorities. By combining efficiency, transparency, and compliance, the framework empowers public sector organisations to embark on construction projects with confidence.

As the construction industry continues to play a pivotal role in shaping communities, the Procure Partnerships Framework’s construction framework stands as a reliable partner for the public sector, facilitating the realisation of infrastructure projects that positively impact society.

Download A Procure Partnerships Framework User Guide

Download A Procure Partnerships Framework User Guide

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  • Having undertaken a two-stage mini competition via Procure Partnerships within 22-23, I found the process to be very flexible and the framework representatives very supportive and responsive. The two-stage approach worked very well for a complex, high-specification build without a specification/level of detail and the available suppliers within the region/value band submitted robust bids. Capital Procurement Manager, Gloucestershire Shared Service For NHS
  • Manchester Metropolitan University have successfully procured a number of contractors and professional services providers through the Procure Partnership framework agreements for some of our high profile projects, including a number of work experience opportunities for students through the Social Value commitment. Assistant Director of Procurement, Manchester Metropolitan University
  • Procure Partnerships Framework has provided a flexible solution to procurement, which has enabled the University to access the right fit contractors, despite time constraints. The Framework team are always quick to respond to queries and advise on the most effective procurement strategy for each of our projects. Head of Procurement, Teeside University
  • Working with Procure Partnerships Framework has been great from the very beginning. They took the time to ensure that we were comfortable and up to speed with the processes of procurement at each stage, even providing us with guidance and training on what a good tender looks like. Their ongoing project delivery support ensured a robust tender list of quality contractors and allowed us to swiftly make appointments that meet our financial regulations. Head of Department: Projects, Bradford College
  • I have been using Procure Partnerships Framework on a number of key construction projects. Procure Partnerships have been responsive, proactive and focused on delivering for the client. The framework encompasses a wide range of construction disciplines, and their client relationship management is outstanding. Procurement Lead, Basildon Borough Council