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North East

The Procure North East Framework is a fully PCR 2015 compliant framework notified on Find a Tender Service (formerly the OJEU). You can choose from different call-off options; single-stage competitive tender, two-stage (standard/express) or direct award. The Framework can be used for Design and Build, or Build Only projects, and you can choose from 8 call-off contracts.

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Single Stage, Two Stage or Direct Award | Design and Build or Build Only. Natalie Palframan Key Account Manager (North) Email Natalie

North East £50k to £1m Construction Partners

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North East £1m to £5m Construction Partners

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North East £5m to £15m Construction Partners

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North East £15m to £30m Construction Partners

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North East £30m+ Construction Partners

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North East Project Management Partners

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North East Quantity Surveying Partners

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North East Architectural Design Partners

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North East Landscape Architecture Partners

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North East Structural Engineering Partners

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North East Civil and Highways Partners

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North East MEP Design Partners

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North East Building Surveying Partners

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North East Principal Designer Partners

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North East Fire Engineering Partners

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North East Sustainability and Environmental Partners

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North East £50k to £1m Decarbonisation and Retrofit Partners

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North East £1m to £5m Decarbonisation and Retrofit Partners

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North East £5m to £15m Decarbonisation and Retrofit Partners

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North East 15m+ Decarbonisation and Retrofit Partners

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North East £1m to £5m Infrastructure Partners

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North East £5m to £15m Infrastructure Partners

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North East £15m to £30m Infrastructure Partners

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North East £30m+ Infrastructure Partners

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North East Demolition Partners

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Download A Procure Partnerships Framework User Guide

Download A Procure Partnerships Framework User Guide

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  • Having undertaken a two-stage mini competition via Procure Partnerships within 22-23, I found the process to be very flexible and the framework representatives very supportive and responsive. The two-stage approach worked very well for a complex, high-specification build without a specification/level of detail and the available suppliers within the region/value band submitted robust bids. Capital Procurement Manager, Gloucestershire Shared Service For NHS
  • Manchester Metropolitan University have successfully procured a number of contractors and professional services providers through the Procure Partnership framework agreements for some of our high profile projects, including a number of work experience opportunities for students through the Social Value commitment. Assistant Director of Procurement, Manchester Metropolitan University
  • Procure Partnerships Framework has provided a flexible solution to procurement, which has enabled the University to access the right fit contractors, despite time constraints. The Framework team are always quick to respond to queries and advise on the most effective procurement strategy for each of our projects. Head of Procurement, Teeside University
  • Working with Procure Partnerships Framework has been great from the very beginning. They took the time to ensure that we were comfortable and up to speed with the processes of procurement at each stage, even providing us with guidance and training on what a good tender looks like. Their ongoing project delivery support ensured a robust tender list of quality contractors and allowed us to swiftly make appointments that meet our financial regulations. Head of Department: Projects, Bradford College
  • I have been using Procure Partnerships Framework on a number of key construction projects. Procure Partnerships have been responsive, proactive and focused on delivering for the client. The framework encompasses a wide range of construction disciplines, and their client relationship management is outstanding. Procurement Lead, Basildon Borough Council