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Welcome To Procure Partnerships Natalie Palframan

Today we are proud to introduce our latest team member to Procure Partnerships Framework, Natalie Palframan. Natalie joins Procure Partnerships as Key Account Manager of the North. She will be based in the Liverpool Office and will take responsibility for Procure Partnerships current and future users and contractors across the North West, North East, Yorkshire and North Wales Regions.

We’ve taken the time to ask Natalie a few questions and see how her first few days has gone. Spend a few minutes getting to know Natalie and If you would like to get in touch with her to discuss working with Procure Partnerships Framework she will happy to hear from you and can be reached by email:

How Have You Found Your First Few Days?

My first few days with Procure Partnerships have been fantastic, the team have been so welcoming and helpful! I’ve had the pleasure of a really comprehensive handover and I’m excited to get to know the clients, suppliers and contractors across my region to bring new and exciting projects to fruition.

We Are Based in Liverpool. What Is Your Favourite Thing About The City?

I’ve always loved Liverpool since my teenage years! I’ve got lots of great memories coming to the city and hi-jacking my friends student nights! My favourite thing about the city today is it’s vibrant nature and the fact that it is thriving with independent hospitality businesses.

If You Could Be Anyone For A day, Who Would It Be?

I think I’d have to say Boris Johnson, just to see if I could shake up Parliament a bit!

What Animal Do You Relate to The most?

Cats – because they are independent, love a decent meal and also like a nice comfy place to snooze in front of a warm fire!

Who is Your Favourite Musician?

It’s really hard to choose one but I’d probably say James Bay

Favourite Place to Eat Out?

Chalk in Chester (best brunch & coffee ever)

Favourite place to go abroad?

Spain! Especially Barcelona. Although the best country I’ve visited as a one-off is Vietnam!

What Are Your Hobbies?

I spend a lot of my spare time in the Gym, I am a member at an independent gym, local to where I live (I get a bit of a buzz out of it) Aside from that I used to play rounders in a local league and for Wales, I’m not playing at the moment but I’m hoping to start that again next Summer.

If You Weren’t The Key Account Manager of the North and Could Do Any Other Job In The World What Would It Be?

I would love to own my own quirky coffee shop/brunch bar! My first ever weekend job when I was 14 was in a café, I just love the happy vibe and fast-paced hustle and bustle you get in places like that!

What Goals Do You Have?

I’ve always been really career orientated, it’s really important to me that I am working to my best ability and enjoying what I do. So, I suppose it’s to always make sure that in everything I do, my work is creating a positive impact and delivering successful outcomes.

What Do You Like About Procure Partnerships?

From my first few days I can tell that the team is a really close-knit and supportive one, which I think is a great atmosphere to have! I love how driven everyone is to contribute to the success of the business. It’s really refreshing to find that the company as a whole is extremely forward thinking and keen to embrace new ideas. The variety of exciting construction projects that the framework assists in delivering is really attractive to me too and I’m looking forward to being involved with some interesting projects to help grow cities and towns.

Faye Dolan, National Framework Manager, at Procure Partnerships Framework commented on the appointment: “We are delighted to welcome Natalie to the Procure Partnerships team, Natalie has extensive experience working in the construction industry and will focus on working across the North at Procure Partnerships