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Welcome To Procure Partnerships Elizabeth Lee

Social Value is at the heart of everything that we do, and we measure ourselves and our partners against the sustainability of our Social Value activities. So, we are thrilled to introduce Procure Partnership Frameworks new Social Value Manager, Elizabeth (Lizz) Lee. 

Lizz will monitor social value activities delivered on projects supported by Procure Partnerships framework, as well as social value initiatives that are carried out between our contractor partners. We’ve Asked Lizz a few questions so you can get to know her better. Spend some time getting to know Lizz and if you would like to get in touch she will be happy to hear from you at

1) How Have You Found Your First Few Days? 

“A whirlwind of information that has exposed me to the ‘other side’ as I have come from Bid Management, so it’s interesting to be involved in the before and after part of the process. For me personally, I can’t wait to get involved & get out there to capture all of the brilliant Social Value our Framework partners are delivering to achieve their 12% commitment. This allows me to get back out on site, revisit my events management/stakeholder engagement days, with a broader knowledge of construction under my belt!”

2) We Are Based in Liverpool. What Is Your Favourite Thing About The City? 

“The people…I do love scouse humour; you can’t beat it. Along with LFC…Mo Salah in particular! I live in the South end of the city and appreciate how close I am to so many great places with; Lark Lane, Sefton Park, The Baltic and Otterspool Promenade on my doorstep for nice walks and independent coffee shops & restaurants.”

3) If You Could Be Anyone For A day, Who Would It Be? 

“I’d be Julie Andrews. Imagine knowing so many people’s fond childhood memories have you in them as Mary Poppins. As Maria, it would mean I got to dance with Christopher Plummer, the most handsome man to ever have lived!”

4) Who is Your Favourite Musician? 

“Elbow (frontman Guy Garvey), I’ve been to see Elbow in the region of 25 times including Delamere forest open air gig and Glastonbury. I enjoy Guy Garvey’s finest hour on Radio 6 on a Sunday and find him to be a great storyteller.”

5) What Is Your Favourite Place to Eat Out? 

“Currently Yum Cha on Lark Lane. To drink it would be an old fashioned in the Puffin Rooms.”

6) What Are Your Hobbies Outside Of Work? 

“I try to go to as many Indie/Folk gigs and festivals as I can. In the meantime, I go to the chess night at Press Bros (which I love!), cycling and hiking/camping-although I don’t go as often as I’d like.”

7) If You Weren’t Social Value Manager and Could Do Any Other Job In The World What Would It Be? 

“I would be a snagger for Claridges. I saw a programme about it whereby responsibilities include; staying in the suites the night before a prevalent guest to ensure every detail for the whole experience is perfect. Alternatively, a window dresser for Harrods. I did some window dressing/visual merchandising in the past but would love to work on that scale.”

8) What Future Goals Do You Have? 

These range from personal; owning a globe bar & gramophone speaker for my new study and buying a Nissan Figaro…to professional; excelling in my current role & becoming the ‘go to’ for all Social Value in construction. Ultimately, being happy is all that matters.”

Faye Dolan, Framework Manager, Commented: “By having Lizz on board as our full time Social Value Manager at Procure Partnerships, this aligns with our overall vision of giving public sector clients measurable and tangible support to deliver their social value targets. Lizz will have overarching responsibly of all social value activities that are delivered on projects supported by Procure Partnerships, as well as social value initiatives that are carried out generally between our contractor partners – We are delighted to have you on board Lizz.”