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Successfully Building And Refurbishing Hospital Estates

The Procure Partnerships Contractor Framework was developed to support public bodies, including NHS Bodies, to procure contractor partners to work on upcoming projects.

These projects are split into 4 value bands across the minor works and the major works Agreements. The framework is divided regionally and is accessible to NHS bodies in the following 11 regions: North East, North West, Yorkshire, East Midlands, West Midlands, East of England, London, South East, South West, North Wales, South Wales.

Our Contractor Framework uses 4 call off methods. This includes the Two stage Mini Competition, Two Stage Mini Competition (Express), Single Stage Competitive Tender and Direct Award.

The Two Stage Mini Competition invites contractors to submit a bid for your project based upon a series of quality questions set by you and a commercial submission which commonly includes a pre-construction fee, onsite prelim, and fixed OH&P. You then select one contractor at the end of mini competition stage to develop the remaining design in partnership.

The Two Stage Mini Competition (Express) invites contractors to submit a bid for your project based on two quality questions, set by you, and a commercial submission which is only based upon their fixed framework OH&P. At the end of mini competition express stage, one contractor is selected to develop the remaining design in partnership. This entire process only takes 1.5 weeks.

Single Stage Competitive Tender invites contractors to fully price your project providing competitive quotations at the end of the tender period. commonly the design for your project is required to be at RIBA Stage 4 for a Single Stage Tender. The framework has been set up to permit variance in the balance of quality / cost assessment percentages.

Finally, Direct Award allows a contractor to be directly selected for a project without re-opening competition. Contractors can work with you under a PCSA to develop any remaining design or request for your project to be fully priced. If you are interested in direct award, then please get in touch and we can let you know how the process works within your region.

In the past 12 months the NHS trusts listed below have appointed contractors to deliver a range of schemes via Procure Partnerships Framework.

We have a number of successful completed and on-going projects in our archive. Recently, Salford City Council appointed Galliford Try to construct the 2 storey 60 bed Bevan Intermediate Care unit on the site of the Stott Lane car park, beside Salford Royal Hospital.

Also, Illingworth & Gregory is currently delivering Phase 1 of a 3-year scheme to refurbish and remodel the Cardiac Catheter Labs located in the Jubilee Wing at Leeds General Infirmary.

Finally, contractor Galliford Try are currently developing the new £15.8m Community Cluster at Alder Hey Children’s Hospital NHS Foundation Trust. This will include new mental health and neurodevelopmental outpatient facilities and a brand new twelve bed specialist inpatient mental health Unit, alongside other cross dependent health services and a therapeutic garden area.

To access our Contractor Framework get in touch with the Key Account Manager in your region. Click Here