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Procure Partnerships Wellbeing In May, Events In Bolton, Hereford And Horsforth

Well-being; featured as Procure Partnerships Frameworks first of twelve ‘key monthly themes’ for the collaborative working group annual schedule. This theme considers societal and individuals’ health, relationships, life satisfaction and happiness for those within our regions on the framework.

Considering the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic, where increases in anxiety and a reduction in life satisfaction were reported, (Census 7 April 2021) we included this theme for contractors to interpret, to give something back to their mutual locality and they did not disappoint.

Lizz Lee, Social Value Manager, Procure Partnerships Framework: “For our first month of outcomes from the CWG’s, wellbeing was high on the agenda, and we are really pleased with the outcomes Contractors have achieved. The whole purpose of the Collaborative Working Groups is to collaborate with fellow Contractors for the benefit of the locality in which they are based. Considering Contractors who would in some cases be competitors for opportunities, their partnership working is exemplary and reflected in the Social Value Add.”

Different types of well-being have been considered by Contractors for their initiatives including: mental, physical, economic and emotional.



Northwest: Community Well-being Walk in Bolton with The Woodland Trust.

Carefoot, Seddon, Vinci and Sir Robert McAlpine

In partnership with The Woodland Trust, a Community Wellbeing Walk was facilitated with members of Bolton at Home’s Willow Hey Community Project (Men in Shed’s) Led by Trust volunteers through the Smithhills Estate, Bolton with colleagues from Carefoot, Seddon VINCI and Sir Robert McAlpine.

TESTIMONIAL, Michelle Sheree at Bolton at Home: “The wellbeing walk on 9 May was a great opportunity for our Willow Hey Community Project volunteers to get together in a different environment and learn about the environmental history of Rivington and how the Woodland Trust are working so hard to preserve this fabulous natural environment for future generations. The groups thoroughly enjoyed the experience which helped to create a positive impact on their wellbeing generally” 


West Midlands: £500 of donations in Food and Money to Hereford Food Bank.

Speller Metcalfe and Harper Group

Speller Metcalfe and Harper Group joined forces to provide much needed resources for Hereford Food Bank with a cash donation of £300 and £200 food donation.

TESTIMONIAL Gill Busby, Hon Secretary, Hereford Food Bank: “Over the last two years we have seen an unprecedented demand for our services – last year we helped some 4750 people and provided them with nearly 100,000 meals, but in 2019 this had been only just over 2,800 people. The Hereford community is amazingly generous and have donated over 80% of the food that is provided in our emergency food parcels. We really appreciate the help from local businesses not only in providing food and money but also in raising awareness of our activities through the community.” 

Learn more about this initiative Here 


Yorkshire: Series of four art and joinery workshops with Horsforth Shed.

Tilbury Douglas and Sewell (I&G)

Tilbury Douglas and I&G have teamed up with Horsforth Shed and championed the idea of Art Therapy in the community and woodworking sessions. The four sessions provide visitors from disadvantaged backgrounds with an introduction to art as a way of engaging the community, with a view to reducing social isolation.

The first was a two day task to cut 68 plywood leaves replicating maple, oak and beech leaves to allow a base for the art group to decorate. Once cut, the leaves will be mounted on the school boundary fence for the Horsforth in Bloom events planned over the summer period.

TESTIMONIAL, Richard Hamlin|The Horsforth Shed Manager: “The guys have been really supportive of this tight deadline and after two long days in the workshop, we have managed to meet the target and this would have been impossible without the help of the working group” 

Learn more about Horsforth Shed Project HERE


A collective £846 Social Value Add has been generated as a result of May’s Wellbeing National Initiative.