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Procure Partnerships Onboarding SME’s Initiatives Online, In Essex, Yorkshire & North West

The month of October saw our participating Framework partners focus on Onboarding SME’s which takes us up to the half-way point of Procure Partnerships twelve ‘key monthly themes’ collaborative working group outcomes for non-project specific social value.

This month’s theme saw groups facilitate events, create social media articles for information and advice, as well as create a collaborative digital guidance document.

LondonNeilcottEtec and McLaughlin & Harvey

Over 100 subcontractors from each main contractor’s supply chain were invited to a ‘meet the buyer’ event whereby they could meet each main contractor for a 10-minute appointment to discuss how they can gain a place on each company’s supply chain and ultimately win work for their business.


60 subcontractors attended the event at the Waltham Abbey Hotel, Waltham Abbey.

Testimonials from attendees

Ross Baron, The TPG Group: “Thank you to the main contractors that held the meet the buyer event at the Marriot hotel in Waltham Abbey a few weeks back. I have already been in discussions with Neilcott and Mclaughlin and Harvey about gaining access onto their approved supplier list so the event was very successful for my business”

Simon Johnson, Veatu Flooring: “Thank you for holding the Onboarding SME’s Event at thew Waltham Abbey Marriot hotel. Can you please pass on my gratitude to the other main contractors (Neilcott and McLaughlin & Harvey) that held the event with yourselves.We found the event to be both beneficial for our business and enjoyable, especially the buffet that was supplied! Thank you again and we hope to continue our positive and successful working relationship”

East & West MidlandsSeddonStepnell & Tilbury Douglas

Seddon, Stepnell and Tilbury Douglas teamed up to look at how and why their supply chain partners would benefit from being Constructionline Gold certified. Each contractor took a theme each and collated a piece to assist their supply chain including:


• Theme 1: Why it is important to be a Construction Line members?

• Theme 2: What benefits there are in terms of Social Value to being Construction Line members?

• Theme 3: How to become Construction Line Members

Links to each Contractors social media drive aimed at small-medium organisations in their supply chains containing pointers about Construction Line can be found here:

Tilbury Douglas 71 likes via LinkedIn and Seddon 17 likes via LinkedIn

North West: Morgan SindallKierLinearRed-Tree and Roberston

Contractors in the Northwest region have decided to join up two of their yearly themes of ‘Onboarding SME’s’ as well as ‘Achieving Net Zero’ to tackle both with an educational document that can be shared with their supply chains, to help them on their low carbon journey. The plan for April is for Morgan Sindall, Kier, Linear, Red Tree & Robertsons to hold an event targeting their supply chain whereby this can be rolled out.


Kane Greenough, Morgan Sindall: “The more people and businesses educated in green skills, then the more empowered we will be as an industry. The whole industry needs to embrace change and fast. Only together can we make a difference.”

YorkshireRobertson and F Parkinson

In our Yorkshire Region, Robertson and F Parkinson have teamed up to create a digital information booklet around educating the supply chain on what social value is.

The booklet will address the following:
• What is social value?
• What does it actually mean?
• How does it impact me?
• Busting the myths
• Raising awareness
• Examples of delivery
• Possible video

The digital information booklet will also be transposed into a tool box talk which will be delivered at all company’s sites (Parkinson and Robertson’s) across the Yorkshire region. This is in planning to be produced this coming December.


A collective £12,195.78 Social Value Add has been generated as a result of October Onboarding SME activities that are non-project specific from sub-groups of Contractors across our national framework.

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