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National Collaborative working group April – Net Zero

A lightbulb with a plant growing inside of it for the National Collaborative Working group in april

During April, our National Collaborative Working Groups focused on a pivotal theme, Net-Zero. Teams across the board were dedicating their efforts to address Net-Zero and carbon neutrality, providing valuable presentations to SMEs across the country.

The sessions were designed to educate and inform small and medium-sized enterprises with the knowledge and best practices needed to embrace and implement sustainable practices. The aim for this month was to foster a broader understanding of environmental impacts, what Net-Zero is and the critical steps towards achieving a more sustainable future in business operations.

Jack Neath, Social Value Advisor, had this to say about April’s ‘Net-Zero’ efforts, “Our Collaborative Working Groups came together to focus on Net-Zero and inform SMEs on the topic. The groups promoted environmental sustainability, but also advice on future-proofing their businesses. By integrating carbon neutrality goals, companies can enhance their market competitiveness, reduce operational costs and align with new regulations.”

North East & Yorkshire

29th April 2024

The Casey Group LtdTriton ConstructionRhodar Specialist Enabling WorksWillmott DixonCarbon Trust

The North East & Yorkshire Collaborative Working Groups – The Casey Group Ltd, Triton Construction, Rhodar Specialist Enabling Works and Willmott Dixon – provided educational presentations on Net-Zero and carbon neutrality, targeting SMEs and their supply chains.

The content, collaboratively created by the groups team members, focused on actionable strategies for small to medium organisations to reduce their carbon footprint. This was delivered online and shared widely on social media for maximum reach, the presentation included a QR code for further reading, allowing viewers to explore the topic at their leisure.

You can see a summary of the presentation on Net Zero via Triton Construction’s LinkedIn by clicking here.

Social value measures achieved:

40 hours staff time on net-zero / carbon education work

North West

April 2024

TClarke Construction LtdTriton ConstructionTilbury Douglas

As the world progresses towards a sustainable future, our North West collaborative working group has recognised the challenges faced by their supply chain partners in understanding and initiating their own Net-Zero strategies.

TClarke Construction Ltd, Triton Construction and Tilbury Douglas produced an educational video, for their supply chains, that was divided into several key sections. The video discussed high level Net-Zero themes, corporate governance, design and procurement and operational activities on-site.

Lee Horne had this to say about the presentations, “As a small joinery company, we often struggle with the ins and outs of current legislation and what parts refer to us. The Net Zero video was an invaluable tool in how to start our journey towards being Net Zero, with lots of interesting facts broken down into an understandable language. The guide will definitely be our go to for when we take those first steps”.

Social value measures achieved:

104 Staff hours spent on net-zero / carbon education work

London and the South

April 2024

AR DemolitionBuxton Building Contractors LimitedO’Connoll Contracting

Our London Collaborative Working Groups consisting of AR Demolition, Buxton Building Contractors Limited, O’Connoll Contracting worked together to provide and give an informative, meaningful presentation on Net-Zero to SMEs.

Representatives from AR Demolition, Buxton Building Contractors Limited, O’Connoll Contracting teamed up to develop a comprehensive digital document aimed at aiding SMEs in understanding and implementing Net-Zero commitments. This guide includes what Net-Zero is and why it should be a priority, the benefits of its measurement, evaluating current impacts, calculating carbon footprints, initiating strategies, long-term planning and accessing further resources and government incentives.

The teams engaged with SMEs directly, providing them with the presentation for feedback and sharing it broadly via company social media on a coordinated release date. Throughout the project, they kept in close contact with PPF for guidance and updates.

“We have found the information most informative and as an SME ourselves we prioritise net zero in the choices we make.”

Social value measures achieved:

49.5 Staff hours spent on net-zero / carbon education work

East and West Midlands

April 2024

StepnellSEH FrenchO’ Connell ContractingPP O’ Connor

In preparation for Earth Day on April 22nd, the East and West Midlands Collaborative Working Group initiated a campaign to educate SMEs on achieving Net-Zero emissions, tailored specifically for businesses within the UK.

Stepnell, SEH French, O’ Connell Contracting and PP O’ Connor developed and distributed a practical guide across their SME network, fostering steps towards sustainability. Additionally, they promoted their own commitments through various activities shared on social media, such as O’Connell Contracting organising a litter-picking event, SEH French incorporating houseplants in offices, PP O’Connor investing in eco-friendly machinery, and Stepnell committing to annual environmental volunteer work.

PJH Brickwork LTD had this to say about the material created for this initiative:

“This is a useful document which has refreshed some information we already knew, but also offered some practical resources and easy ideas which are realistic for a SME.”

Social value measures achieved:

25 Staff hours spent on net-zero / carbon education work