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Contractor Framework Selection: Don’t Get Caught Out



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Are you embarking on a public sector project and about to appoint a contractor? Don’t make a move without attending our next CPD accredited Lunch & Learn event, Contractor Framework Selection: Don’t Get Caught Out. Join us online on April 25th 2024, from 12pm-1pm, as Framework Director Faye Dolan unravels the risks associated with overlooking your options in the contractor selection process.

In the fast-paced world of public sector projects, the stakes are high. Choosing the right contractor can be the difference between success and unforeseen challenges. Our expert-led CPD-accredited session will delve into the top tips to master the selection process, and the critical aspects that could save you from potential pitfalls:


Framework vs. Open Tender:

Discover the strategic pros and cons of framework vs open tender processes. Learn how a framework can streamline the selection process, ensuring efficiency and quality outcomes.

Contractor Compliance:

Gain insights into the pivotal role of ensuring contractors adhere to compliance standards, and what you should look out for when assessing a contractor’s compliance. Identify the risks associated with non-compliance and how to safeguard your project.

Tender Support Provided by a Framework Partner:

Explore the invaluable support a Framework partner can offer during the tendering process. Learn how to leverage Frameworks to enhance your tender and attract contractors.

Commercial Protection and Safeguarding:

Delve into the protective mechanisms offered by Frameworks in the commercial landscape. Learn how you can mitigate financial risks associated with tenders.

Contractor Performance Monitoring:

Understand how you can protect your projects after procurement through robust performance monitoring and evaluation. Equip yourself with tools to ensure contractor accountability and project success.


Don’t navigate the contractor selection maze alone. Join us for an hour of critical insights that could shape the success and minimise the risks of your public sector project. Register now and arm yourself with the knowledge to make informed decisions. Don’t get caught out – secure your spot today!


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This session is CPD accredited.