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Site Visit: Procure Partnerships Join Galliford Try At Boho x

Framework Manager Faye Dolan and Key Account Manager Natalie Palframan recently visited the Boho x development, supporting the growth of the digital and creative sector in the North East on behalf of framework user Middlesbrough Council.

This project was secured via the Procure Partnerships North East Framework with Galliford Try appointed under a single stage call off procedure and monitored via Compliance Chain.

The six-story building will provide office space and create opportunities within the digital sector by investing in and attracting talented individuals and start-up businesses.

As part of their commitment to building a sustainable space, Galliford Try focuses on social value activities, with an impressive target of 80% of costs being sourced from local suppliers, which creates jobs and community engagement.

The project is due to complete later this year.

Natalie Palframan, Key Account Manager (North), Commented: “Thank you to Galliford Try for letting us join them on the busy Boho X construction site. Getting out onto site seeing the tenders we support becoming a reality is particularly important to our team, and it’s fantastic to see this particular project progressing so well. Once complete, this project will support Middlesbrough’s ambitions for technology and engineering in the area!”

David Howells, Senior Project Manager at Galliford Try, commented: “We are currently at a stage in construction where we can really see the project starting to take shape that really compliments the buildings design features. Boho X will play a pivotal role in the region that will support the growth and demand within the digital sector and create opportunities for the local community. On a personal note, I am particularly proud of the team and the fantastic progress we have made on site.”

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