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Public Sector Clients keep coming back to the Procure Partnerships Framework

There is a strong focus on collaboration between the framework provider and client at Procure Partnerships Framework to achieve the joint goals of all stakeholders; shown in the number of schemes which have been delivered for multi-use clients.

Working in the proximity of operational facilities presents health and safety considerations at every stage of a project, eliminating risk by implementing daily risk assessments means that the contractor can consistently segregate the construction works from the live ward, safety must be contractor led with Framework management oversight, this is Procure Partnerships Framework’s accord with clients.

The service user is considered at every stage of the scheme’s delivery, promoting service user wellbeing is the reason Procure Partnerships Framework takes the hands-on role that it does. Educating every stakeholder on service user wellbeing builds awareness of where added value resides, this streamlines the planning stage. Prioritising the early completion of critical spaces, such as outdoor areas or communal areas to benefit the service user’s and support their wellbeing.

In the past 18 months, Greater Manchester Mental Health NHS Trust has procured 10 projects through Procure Partnerships Framework.

Over the same period Manchester Metropolitan University has used the Framework to support the delivery of 7 projects.

The Education sector, like Healthcare, is dependent on ensuring that the lightest impact is felt during project delivery. Time is limited, often the only availability for works is outside of term time. Over the past 18 months, Manchester Metropolitan University has consistently used Procure Partnerships Framework to appoint contractors to carry out their investment and refurbishment programmes. The complexity of a University campus is a challenging prospect for contractor and clients. Consistent reporting and monitoring at a Framework management level mitigates against project delivery difficulties and keeps dialogue channels open and clear between all interested parties.

Robbie Blackhurst, Framework Director at Procure Partnerships Framework commented on the client relationships of Procure Partnerships Framework: “We’re thrilled that our clients have seen a positive impact on the projects delivered through the Framework, we work so closely with them to achieve this and it is rewarding for everyone at Procure Partnerships to see our reputation grow, not least our fantastic team of key account managers.”