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Progress Update: St Andrews Catholic School

On behalf of Surrey County Council, Contractor Partners Beard Construction are currently working on a programme New Build, Expansion and Refurbishment works at St Andrews Catholic School.

Additional teaching spaces are being built so the school can take on more students due to an increase in local demand. 

This education project were procured via the Procure Partnerships South East Framework with Beard Construction appointed under a single stage call-off procedure. The project is being monitored via Compliance Chain

The expansion of St Andrews Catholic School will provide additional teaching space for the school. The works, consisting off a new standalone building, extension, and refurbishment, will provide the school with 36 additional classrooms.

The construction methods for both buildings are a hybrid cross over of steel frame and traditional block and brickwork to the facades. The extension is to match the building adjoined to it, with contrast panels in the gold brickwork, and the new build is to blend into the surroundings with Bathstone blockwork and a zinc roof and cladding system wrapping the building.

Construction is taking place in the middle of a live school with 1400 pupils on the site. Refurbishment takes place in centre of the school, with the new building near the playground and sports hall and the extension in the school field.

Beard Construction have had to carefully manage the movement of materials and work force so that the school can remain operational throughout the process. This management process was planned out carefully between Beard and the school with all key parties involved.

Oliver Kenworthy, Site Manager, Commented: “The provision of these much-needed alterations to the school is a project that is not only valuable to the School and the Pupils, but also valuable to Beard ethos, enabling us to keep delivering facilities that make a difference for many years to come. The high-end specification and finish will provide new inspiring rooms to further enhance the schools teaching as well as continue to allow the delivery of education to the pupils”

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