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Procuring the East with Conor Neild-Crabb

Procure Partnerships Framework was established to support public sector bodies to procure contractor partners. The Framework is divided regionally with A dedicated Key Account Manager overseeing each area but how much do you know about the person in charge of assisting in shaping your growing town or city?

In a new series of monthly articles, we’ll be shining the spotlight on each of our Key Account Managers, getting to know them better and asking some quick-fire questions. Starting with Conor Neild-Crabb, who is responsible for supporting the development of projects in the East.

Conor has been a member of the Procure Partnerships Framework team since December 2019, originally joining in the position of Marketing Manager as the framework began operating on a national level that same year. Conor joined the team with a wealth of knowledge having previously worked in a marketing position for a contractor in the North West. Over time with hands on experience of working in a procurement setting, and Procure Partnerships continued success and need to expand, Conor was promoted into the role of Key Account Manager, taking charge of the East regions, in October 2020.

How would you describe your role?

“My Current job role is Key Account Manager for the East (East Midlands and East of England) day to day I support the public sector clients that Procure Partnerships work with to select the appropriate call off method for their projects and offer advice so that the client makes the best decisions for their projects. I am available to answer any queries and clarify any of the processes for the clients. Just call, I am always free to chat with any of the public sector bodies eligible to access Procure Partnerships”.

What areas do you cover and why do you like being Key Account Manager of those regions?

“I cover the East Midlands and the East of England; it’s massive really. I love how different it is in Derby compared to Great Yarmouth. Building an understanding of the different communities has been so interesting in the past 6 months and that’s come from working with clients and local contractors and consultants. I have not been able to make any visits to any clients during the pandemic which has been a disappointment if I’m totally honest. I’m super keen to start making regular trips to my two regions. My favourite thing about the East Midlands and East of England is that they are my truly patches, I love the autonomy I have; the responsibility is great!”

Procure Partnerships have an impressive portfolio of existing framework users, who are some in your regions?

“Some existing users include Rushcliffe Borough Council, Derby City Council, Hinckley & Bosworth Borough Council, East Midlands Education Trust, Lionheart Academies Trust, Kettering General Hospital, Northampton General Hospital, Hertfordshire Community Health Services NHS Trust”.

There are many progressing / completed projects procured via Procure Partnerships but what are your top 3 favourite projects in your region and why?

1. “Bingham Leisure Centre, Rushcliffe Borough Council: This was a coup for Procure Partnerships Framework following the national launch. I was involved as Marketing Manager supporting the wider team to secure the project and it was a total team effort. Now that it’s on site I’m pleased to report that it’s shaping up to be a fantastic scheme in a rapidly growing area of the country. The design team and contractors are all local people, it’s a leisure centre that serves their community; probably my favourite thing about the scheme.”

2. “Hinckley Memorial Gardens, Hinckley and Bosworth Borough Council: This was the very first scheme procured through the National Framework. That’s the reason. It was a milestone”.

3. “Performance Arts Centre at the West Bridgford School: I love education schemes; I was a Secondary English teacher in a short former life and that did involve drama. This was also the first project I was involved in as Key Account Manager so it’s not one I’ll forget, for a couple of reasons”.

What type of projects do you hope to work on in the future?

“Based on an earlier comment it won’t be a surprise to read that education schemes are my favourite. More specifically I want to be involved in SEND projects. I was a teacher; good facilities like sensory rooms and physical therapy facilities in particular make excellent education available to everyone. Teaching the kids with SEND requirements was by far the most enjoyable aspect of teaching. Where kids need something extra it is just so powerful too have high class facilities to support the teaching and pastoral staff. They’re the schemes I’d want to support”.

Outside of work, tell us a bit about yourself?

“I don’t read as much as I should, I buy books, but getting through them is more of a challenge. I’d say most people can relate to that. My main interest are football, fashion, cooking, and music. I will say that I love construction, I’ve been involved in it for the best part of 10 years, but I do have a dream. It’s probably more of a side project, but my dream is to own my own place where people can relax and enjoy good, simple, well-made food!”

If you would like to get in touch with Conor to discuss working with Procure Partnerships Framework in the East Midlands or East of England, He will be happy to hear from you and can be reached directly by email: or phone: 07535 959 563

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