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Procure Partnerships Framework Launches eReporting Platform

The Procure Partnerships Framework offers much more than just procurement support and want to ensure that the public sector projects procured through the Framework are delivered on-time, budget and to the highest levels of quality. As a framework we strive to be proactive and not reactive and as such have this month launched the Procure Partnerships eReporting Platform.

The platform operates across three distinct reporting levels which enables the Procure Partnership team to support clients and their professional team with any technical project delivery issues into each projects delivery stages;

• Monthly Reporting – Contractors submit monthly project reports through the platform which allow us to track any changes in project scope, programme dates, cost variations, safety and also how the project is progressing against its social value targets.

• Formal KPIs – Taken at the end of the Pre-Construction and Construction stages the formal KPIs not only track each contractors project performance around their core deliverables but also the clients satisfaction survey results. Current framework KPI percentages are published here –

• Supply Chain Reporting – It is important that we vet the subcontractors working across our projects and as such our eReporting Platform tracks these suppliers in relation to their compliance as well as their distance from each projects location.

The Procure Partnerships eReporting Platform is free to use for all of our framework users and there is no licence fee paid by our supplies. In addition, the Procure Partnerships team is made up of individuals who come from contactor, design, and legal backgrounds so are best placed to offer this support if delivery problems occur (again, free of charge).

Robbie Blackhurst (Framework Director) commented: “We are delighted to have now launched our eReporting Platform which will enable us to be even closer to our projects and support our Clients and their external Project Managers. The Procure Partnerships eReporting Platform will ensure that we know of any project problems instantly and have the in house technical expertise to support. This will ensure that projects procured through the framework are not only done so compliantly, but are delivered on time and to budget”.