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Procure Partnerships Collaborative Working Group Achieving Net Zero Initiatives in the Northwest, Midlands, Yorkshire, and London

The month of April saw our national participating framework partners focus on Achieving Net Zero within the construction industry for the next of Procure Partnership’s ‘key monthly themes’ CWG outcomes for non-project specific social value.

This month’s theme saw contractors engaging with SME’s, supply chain partners and local primary schools to raise awareness about the importance of sustainability and circular economy.

The construction industry is responsible for 36% of global energy use, and within the UK alone is accountable for 47% of carbon dioxide emissions. It is one of the largest contributors to serious and harmful impacts on our environment causing climate change. In support of the Government’s Net Zero by 2050 strategy, the construction sector is striving to find ways to reduce their negative impact on the environment by adopting more sustainable processes and materials, and our framework partners have been promoting key initiatives in support of Net Zero and sustainability.

Northwest: Linear, Robertsons, Kier, Morgan Sindall & Red Tree

The Northwest Collaborative Working Group comprising of teams from Linear, Robertsons, Kier, Morgan Sindall & Red Tree, came together in a collective effort to create a brochure for their supply chain on ‘How to Achieve Net Zero.’ Kane Greenough (Morgan Sindall) and a colleague from their Bid Team created the Turtle Document, with Gwenyth Blair (Linear), Elizabeth Everett (Red-Tree), Shannon Dawe (Robertsons), and Kevin Mullen (Kier) also committing time to provide research and input into the brochure. The brochure was issued to SMEs at a Net Zero event hosted by the CWG and provided useful and expert advice on simple ways to reduce their carbon footprint.

Check out the brochure HERE 

Midlands: Seddon & Tilbury Douglas

Contractors Seddon and Tilbury Douglas worked together to promote the responsibility we all share to reduce our impact on the environment, through the theme of National Earth Day. This global campaign focusses on promoting ways to keep the Earth healthy and concentrates its key messaging on ‘invest in our planet.’ The teams ran an initiative on 28th April to support the ‘invest in our planet’ campaign, by asking their colleagues, the community and their supply chain to calculate their personal carbon emissions to raise awareness of individual responsibility, by using their simple to use carbon calculator:
Extending the campaign through social media channels, Caroline (Seddon) wrote an article promoting ‘How colleagues can make small changes’ and Charlotte (Tilbury Douglas) produced an article advising ‘How communities and supply chain can make small changes.’ By encouraging everyone to make small changes, it can make a big difference.

London: Neilcott, Etec, McLaughlin & Harvey

The London CWG organised a circular economy promotion event on Wednesday 16th November 2022, in the format of ‘Dragon’s Den.’ Hosted at McLaughlin & Harvey’s offices in Farringdon, central London, SMEs were invited to present a 15-minute pitch of their products and initiatives to a panel made up of representatives from Neilcott, Etec, and McLaughlin & Harvey. The pitches had to promote circular economy initiatives to integrate their services into future construction projects. The event was supported by ReLondon, a partnership of the Mayor of London and London’s boroughs to improve waste and resource management and accelerate the capital’s transition to a low carbon circular city. ReLondon campaign for London to be a global leader in sustainability by helping Londoners to waste less, reuse, repair, share and recycle more.

Testimonial, Mafalda Oliveria, from ReLondon: “I would like to thank you for your time and availability on Wednesday – it was a great event! Thank you Mark for leading it and making sure the businesses felt welcome and had everything they needed, and Shauna for welcoming all of us at your lovely office.” 

Yorkshire: Morris & Spottiswood, F Parkinson & Robertson

The Yorkshire CWG comprising of teams from Morris & Spottiswood, F Parkinson & Robertson, are collectively working on a project to promote sustainability in local primary schools. Mairi Urquhart (Morris & Spottiswood) is leading the project to develop a sustainability resource pack to roll-out during engagement talks to school children. The talks will address Net Zero initiatives and will be delivered by Stephanie Braithwaite (Morris & Spottiswood), Natalie Shepherd (F Parkinson), and Marta Langton (Robertson). Marta is also co-ordinating school access with the Local Education Authority.

Social Value Add

A collective £1995.16 Social Value Add has been generated as a result of April activities that are non-project specific from sub-groups of contractors across our national framework. Calculated via the Compliance Chain Portal.

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