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National Collaborative working group February – Helping the Elderly become independent.

For the February’s Collaborative Working Group Update, we are proud to spotlight our ongoing initiatives aimed at empowering the elderly, fostering their independence and contributing to an improved quality of life.

This month, we delve into the collaborative efforts and strategies being employed to address the unique challenges faced by the older and more vulnerable generation. The groups projects are designed to not only provide support, but also enhance the independence of the elderly, ensuring they remain active, respected and engaged members of our communities.

Jack Neath, social value advisor, sums up the mission for this month: “Empowering the elderly to live independently is not just about providing support—it’s about rekindling their sense of purpose and belonging. The collaborative working groups efforts this month will make a tangible difference to the lives of some of the most vulnerable people in our society, and that’s great to see.”

North East


22-23 February 2024

WestPark Hospital

Integral | Britcon | Wates Construction | Graham | Compac Services | City Electrical | Avail Systems Ltd | Westpark hospital

Integral, Britcon, Wates Construction and Graham teamed up along with their supply chain of Compac Services, City Electrical, Avail Systems Ltd to revitalise the outdoor garden space for resident

s and their families at West Park Hospital, aiming to enhance the recovery environment through sensory stimulation with a selection of plants and flowers.

The work produced includes clearing debris, removing dead trees, constructing new planters, refreshing turf and vegetation, and rejuvenating existing hardscapes with jet washing and staining. Additionally, the garden will see the installation of new external lighting, a shed and paving, transforming it into a more accessible and therapeutic space conducive to the well-being and recovery of patients and their families.

Social value measures achieved:

  • Travis Perkins donation of materials
  • Integral supply of 3no staff for 2 days, including accommodation and supply of turf
  • CEF Donation of electrical sundries/Lighting
  • CEF – Supply of gardening tools
  • Avail systems – Supply of 2no Electricians
  • Compac services – Supply/Install paving

Total value: £6,871


North West

14th February 2024

Linear Projects | Galliford Try | Red-Tree | Warden Construction | British Heart Foundation

LinearProjects, Galliford Try, Red-Tree and Warden Construction conducted Toolbox Talk carried within their Manchester sites to raise awareness of healthier living, with a focus on heart health, cardiac arrest and heart attacks, along with comprehensive CPR training and locating the nearest defibrillators.

Each team member took on a specific aspect to delve into; Red-Tree guided us through the essential steps to take in an emergency situation, Warden Construction shed light on recognising the symptoms of heart conditions, Linear Projects offered valuable insights on lifestyle improvements for better heart health, and Galliford Try discussed the avenues for additional support and training available to us. This collaborative effort was aimed at enhancing the collective awareness and preparedness to effectively respond to cardiac emergencies.


I attended both of Lucy’s presentations, which were consistently excellent. The content was well-structured and stylised in a format which was easy to understand and retain the interest of the audience.” – Ian Pimlott

“The healthy heart toolbox talk which Susie delivered on our site was well received. The operatives expressed that they found the toolbox talk useful and informative, and now feel more confident in how to deal with a scenario such as someone having a heart attack.” – Luke Kenyon Site Manager

“The healthy heart talk delivered by Kate was an eye-opener and an important reminder that making the right diet and lifestyle choices now can reduce the risks of heart disease and improve the chance of living a long and healthy life in the future.”

– Rob Harris Project Manager
Social Value Measured Achieved 85 hours of educational research and presentations delivered to 49 people.


26th February 2024

Stratford Hospital – Forest of Hearts
Stratford Sports Club – Parkinson’s Group Event

Etec Group | Bam | Ascot Services | Forest of Hearts – Carole Longden: Founder

On Monday, the Midlands team spent the day in Stratford collaborating with Carole from Forest of Hearts and engaging with a group of elderly individuals affected by Parkinson’s, along with their carers.

The session, which centred on the theme of positivity and Parkinson’s, was filled with uplifting energy, with everyone taking away valuable insights. The team ensured the success of the session by preparing in advance, conducting a quiz and facilitating Q&A sessions, and contributing to the overall positive atmosphere of the day! Excitingly, the team discussed new trials in therapies and medications for Parkinson’s treatment. The session provided valuable information on living independently in later years, including maintaining community connections and managing tasks like shopping remotely for those with mobility issues.

BAM secured the venue and local charity support, Etec Group led the quiz and encouraged participation, and Ascot Services played a crucial role in fostering interaction throughout the day.


 “Many thanks for your support yesterday, and we really appreciate your help and interest in our community projects, especially after the long journeys you made.”


London and The South

London & Yeovil
19th and 21st February 2024

Resolutions Interiors | Wates Construction | Overbury | Brympton Golden Oldies Group | Ability Net | All Souls Clubhouse | Luminary Bakery

Resolution Interiors, Overbury and Wates all collaborated with Resolution Interiors championing digital inclusion through workshops tailored for the elderly, with expert support from Ability Net specialists.

Overbury and Wates joined forces and focused on digital safety, ensuring participants are well-versed in navigating the online world securely. An afternoon tea session was scheduled, featuring a guest speaker from Digital Skills Education. This segment was dedicated to educating attendees on recognising and reporting common online scams, providing them with the knowledge and tools to protect themselves in the digital age.


“Once again, may I thank you, the members of your team and your company for so generously giving up your time, money and skills in supporting our Brympton Golden Oldies session today? Your efforts and encouragement so joyously given to all was really appreciated. You have certainly made many new friends today. I took a very quick straw poll of a few of the “Oldies” as they were leaving, and all comments were positive the enthusiasm was indeed infectious.”

– Bob Brookes, BGO Committee Member

Social Value Measured Achieved:


20 hours staff time (prep and on the day), £25 for refreshments, 3no. raffle prizes (£5 food bags), 3hrs time from Ability Net specialist during the session. 69 attendees from the local community.


5 hours prep time, 9 hours of volunteering on the day – Total 14 hours, £35.25 Spent on additional beverages, £952 – Digital Skills Education training workshop and magazines to distribute, £217 spent with Luminary Bakery (social enterprise), 14 staff hours, £673 in donations/ costs.