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Midas Commence Construction of Engineering Innovation Building for the University of Southampton

Procure Partnerships Contractor Partner Midas has commenced work on the University of Southampton Science Parks brand new £8.3M Engineering Innovation Building, which will become home to a range of new technologies aiming to create a sustainable future. Work on the Engineering Centre is underway and due to be complete in early 2022.

The project was secured via the Procure Partnerships South East Framework.

The Engineering Innovation Building will create a range of collaboration opportunities for both the University of Southampton Science Parks and local businesses, creating a physical space to access and interact with world leading expertise, skills, and facilities.

This ultra-modern building will provide specialist laboratory facilities that will support a range of sectors such as eco-hydraulics, electronics, transport research, aerospace, energy, unmanned systems and a number of hydraulic flumes. Wave force tanks and anechoic chambers designed to deaden sound are among the elements to be developed by Midas Construction.

The development will also adhere to key environmental design principles to support the University of Southampton’s commitment to the efficient use of resources to both reduce carbon emissions and water consumption.

Chris Webb, Operations Manager, Southern Division of Midas Construction, commented: “This is a dynamic science park with a track record of collaboration between academia and business, leading to positive and sustainable change for the better. We are looking forward to supporting all concerned with our contribution to this development.

The scheme will add further local economic value through the provision of work experience placements and apprenticeships. Midas is passionate about offering opportunities to learn more about the industry, gain on-site experience and support people into a rewarding career in construction. The Engineering and Innovation Hub will be an exciting scheme for our trainees to be part of.”

Phil Osborne, Key Account Manager, Procure Partnerships Framework, Commented: “Procure Partnerships are delighted to have been able to assist Southampton Science Park and The University of Southampton along with Currie & Brown to select Midas through a single stage tender call off option and look forward to offering the flexibility of different call off options to choose from inc, two stage mini comp, two stage mini comp express, single stage tender, and direct award on future projects”

Professor Paul Kemp, the Innovation Director of the Future Towns Innovation Hub commented: “This is an exciting opportunity to apply our research to help towns in the region recover and renew from the economic impact of the pandemic. Although the Innovation Hub is still under construction, we have already begun to forge working relationships with local authorities and other innovators to start work grasping the opportunities and addressing the challenges our towns and high streets face.”

Professor Mark Spearing, Vice President of Research and Enterprise at the University of Southampton commented: “This is a very important investment from the University that will maximise the impact of our research related to the environmental and sustainability challenges faced by local towns and their businesses. We look forward to working with businesses throughout our community, helping them find solutions to these challenges and ensure towns in our region and across the UK can meet the demands of the modern world.”

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