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I&G Create A Home Away From Home For Dementia Patients

Procure Partnerships Framework Contractor Partner Illingworth & Gregory (I&G) recently handed over a programme of refurbishment and remodelling works on behalf of Sheffield Health and Social Care Trust as part of a new NHS initiative to create several “step-down” units within nursing homes.

This healthcare project was secured via the Procure Partnerships Yorkshire Framework under a Direct Award call-off procedure.

Beech Cottage, which is one of four cottages that form part of Woodland View Nursing Home, has undergone a major transformation from the I&G team and will make a huge difference to how outpatient care is delivered following a national crisis of bed shortages and delays.

Beech Cottage required both internal and external works, including re-roofing of the existing building, strip out, asbestos removal, new kitchen and bathroom areas, upgrades to flooring and decorations and new openings and infilled existing openings to reconfigure the space to improve flow of the building.

I&G have faced several challenges such as Covid 19 Restrictions and lockdowns, a tight timescale of just 3 months, ecology survey for nesting birds and bat roosting and contaminated ground that needed to be removed at a specialised waste disposal tip. However, despite these challenges I&G have delivered an excellent specialist dementia care facility that will now cater to 40 patients.

The completed facility includes 10 ensuite bedrooms, self-catering facilities, lounge, and dining area, one small clinical room and isolation units in case of covid-19 outbreaks.

Martin Carr, Project Manager for I&G commented; “We have worked with the Sheffield NHS Health and Social Care Trust on a number of projects in the past, and I always get a sense of pride when I know I&G are playing such a crucial part in providing welcoming, comfortable spaces for hundreds of patients.

The purpose of the step down units is to create a home away from home, and because of the improvements made to Beech Cottage, a further 40 people with complex or enhanced dementia will be cared for.”

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