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3 Ways charities benefit from using Procure Partnerships Framework

Charities can often face unique challenges when undertaking construction projects, primarily due to limited resources and the specialised expertise that is required.

For charities, efficiently managing construction projects is crucial to ensuring that funds are used effectively. This is where a framework like Procure Partnerships can make a difference.

We help charities deliver end to end project success through proactive and effective procurement methods. We provide you with technical support and expertise, whilst ensuring you get value for money. Here’s 3 ways your charity could benefit from using Procure Partnerships Framework.


In depth Technical Support and Expertise

The bigger the project, the more challenges it can present. The last thing you want for any project is delays, inefficiencies and increased costs, especially when you are working to tight budgets.

Having worked extensively with charities, we understand the challenges and concerns you may have, that’s why we offer dedicated technical support and advice throughout the entire project lifecycle.

From the initial planning stages to project completion, we’ll help guide you through the complexities of procurement and construction. This support extends to advice on call-off methods & timescales and developing tender documents to providing bespoke evaluation tools, social value evidence checking and even local supply chain monitoring.

This allows your charity to navigate the construction process more effectively, reducing the risk of costly mistakes and ensuring that projects are completed on time and within budget. We aim to ensure your charities construction project runs smoothly and successfully.


Value for Money

Whether you’re a local authority or a blue light organisation, ensuring value for money is critical for every project. However, this is even more so for charities, particularly when undertaking construction projects that involve significant expenditure. Procure Partnerships Framework is designed to provide this assurance through competitively tendered fixed overheads and profit percentages.

This approach means that the costs associated with the project are transparent and competitive, ensuring that your charities funds are spent wisely. By minimising unnecessary expenses and focusing on cost-effective solutions, our framework helps you maximise the impact of your financial resources.


Enhancing Social Value

Did you know your construction projects present an opportuny to create positive social impact? We’ll ensure that the contractor and suppliers engaged in your project contribute to the local community in meaningful ways. This can include providing employment opportunities for local residents, supporting apprenticeships or ensuring sustainable and environmentally friendly construction practices – to name a few.

We prioritise social value by dedicating resources to help you and our framework partners build for the better, asking for a minimum of 12% social value add to be delivered on each project, although, on average, our framework contractors deliver 26% in social value add.


We Monitor Financial Standing to Mitigate your Risk

Procure Partnerships Framework uses Compliance Chain to monitor the financial standing of all contractors and subcontractors.

This proactive approach helps prevent unexpected situations, such as a contractor entering administration, thereby safeguarding the project, and protecting your charity’s investment.

Using Compliance Chain gives our clients peace of mind by enabling us to monitor the compliance status of all project participants, ensuring that all contractors and subcontractors are fully compliant to industry standards.

For charities aiming to maximise the impact of their construction projects, partnering with a reputable and experienced UK procurement framework specialist like ours offers substantial benefits.

We provide essential technical support, ensure you get value for money, demand more social value delivery and maintain compliance throughout the entirety of your project.

Our framework creates innovative opportunities to support charities with procurement processes to deliver project objectives. The framework is designed to be flexible, giving charities the choice of single stage or two stage procurement options and up to eight call-off contract options.

Our procurement expertise and construction industry knowledge across key services enables us to offer a reputable and trusted national procurement framework service, going above and beyond to support each Framework User throughout their Projects lifecycle.


Want to learn more? Contact me today at 07538 467977 or via email at Let’s discuss your procurement needs and how we can support your charity’s construction project.