Market Engagement

North West Contractor Framework

This market engagement questionnaire is with reference to the Procure Partnerships (North West) Framework renewal;

FaTs Reference – 2021/S 000-006974 


Registered Organisations will not be directly contacted when the tender documents and contract notice are released and it is therefore the responsibility of each organisation to regularly check the relevant portals. We would recommend registering for the Chest / Proactis portal if you have not already done so.


Although a response to all of the questions below is not mandatory, we would appreciate a response to each question as this will support us in developing the future structure of the framework.  


Finally, please indicate within your response to Question 23 if you would like to be registered to attend one of the frameworks online engagement sessions.

Response Deadline – Friday 23rd April 

Market Engagement
7. Do your organisation’s last two years’ accounts show a positive net surplus?
8. Do the last two years’ accounts demonstrate a ratio of at least 1:1 current assets: current liabilities?
9. Has your organisation met all its obligations to pay its creditors and employees in the last 12 months?
21. Is your organisation already signed up to the Construction Supply Chain Payment Charter?
23. Would like to be registered to attend one of the frameworks online engagement sessions? *
24. If you have answered 'Yes' to Question 23, please detail below which session you would like to attend. *