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Kier Appointed To Deliver £73m Marine Lake Events Centre

Contractor Partners Kier has been successfully appointed to the Marine Lakes Event Centre (MLEC) on behalf of the Sefton Metropolitan Borough Council.

This project was secured via the Procure Partnerships North West Framework with Kier awarded under a Two Stage Mini Competition call-off procedure. This project will also be monitored via Compliance Chain

There will be a 1,200-seat theatre and a 16,000 sq ft conference and exhibition space at the MLEC, which will replace the former Southport Theatre. The conference room will be capable of hosting more than 3,000 people for major e-sports events.

Plans also include ‘The Light Fantastic’, the UK’s first water and light show installation.

Kier will deliver a social value plan that will give back to communities across Sefton. In addition to providing local employment and supply chain opportunities, additional time and resources are dedicated to working with school and college students interested in construction careers.

Stuart Barnes, Sefton Council’s Assistant Director of Economic Growth and Housing, said: “By awarding preferred status to Kier we are putting the physical creation of the venue into the hands of a proven contractor with a strong track record.

“The interest of the UK’s leading construction firms in the project, and the standing of the successful bidder, reaffirms the scale of ambition for the future of Southport that this transformational project demonstrates.

“The MLEC, together with the Light Fantastic, is forecast to attract more than half a million additional visitors to Southport year on year and generating an annual £18 million for the local economy and I am delighted that we are leading the way in delivering exciting projects like this.”

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